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Company Brochure
Company information
Skyfish Inc.

185-7 Miyukigahara machi Utsunomiya city
Tochigi prefecture, JAPAN

Established 2005 September
President Masanaga Otsuka
Capital 10,000,000 Yen
Open XML solution development, sales Accessibility software development, sales, others Various software developments with a core of the Web system. Testing of IT product(quality evaluation consulting) Service system/network design Construction and operation maintenance service etc.
Corporate philosophy

Skyfish hope to be a corporate leader of such information infrastructure who can tell and receive warmth and consideration of people which never change.

We are putting our heart into removing a barrier on IT use exceeding the frame of system development/IT service offer.

And we aim at providing with the product and service with a high additional value or more of further correspondence to "Accessibility" and "Barrier-free" etc.

  • Contribute to the making of information base that a benefit of the IT is taken for anyone fairly.
  • Aims at the enterprise of the national constituency from Tochigi, and contributes to a basic expansion of local IT industry. Aims at the local engineer's employment promotion.
  • An enterprise success and philanthropy are interlocked so that the happiness of those who work may lead to social happiness.
Origin of corporate name
The company name was named after unidentified flying object "Skyfish" that floating in the air. And the name has a desire of:
  1. “Break through an established concept.”
  2. “Make the Impossible Possible. “
  3. “Believe yourself, and demonstrate high technology and make something stunning.”
About company logograph
We image the three elements of “Break through an established concept.”, “Make the Impossible Possible. “, “Believe yourself, and demonstrate high technology and make something stunning.”as a organization. Dotted ring circle expresses union, harmonization and fusion from each other to rise. It is the enterprise which keeps growing is displayed.